Cannabis Vaporizers


The latest addition in the cannabis culture is vaping. You can consume cannabis in multiple other ways such as smoking, dabbing, gravity bongs, oral ingestion, sprays, marijuana tinctures, and topical methods.

Vape has become a teenage sensation nowadays. Most boys and girls buy it as a trophy, showcasing the wonders of technology to old weed smokers, making their hand-rolled perfect joints feel pale in comparison. The best thing is that vaping is less harmful than those consumed by weed, joint or other methods, making it suitable for all ages. Vaporizers heat the marijuana until it reaches the bottom of the contact point. The active ingredients are drawn as a vapor, rather than as harmful fumes.

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Vaporizers at IVape Plus come in two categories;

  • Dry Herb vaporizers
  • Wax & Oil vaporizers

Dry Herb Vaporizers

Instead of burning your herbs into smoke, the dried herbal vaporizers heat them at low temperatures until the energy is evaporated. You load the vaporizers with dried herbs such as in a pipe, so you are able to control what you heat. It’s like smoking without smoke!

Dry Herb

Vivant Alternate Starter Kit

The Vivant Alternate Starter Kit Dry Herb Vaporizer is a compact portable vaporizer featuring many innovative features. It has adjustable airflow, a powerful mix of both convection and conduction heating, a removable battery, and most impressively it provides big clouds and a great taste- so next time you want to enjoy a silver-grey smoke dancing around you while your taste buds enjoy a sensation be sure to try the Vivant Alternate Starter KitPriced only $96.99, this sleek Vivant Alternate Starter Kit is the one to have!

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Vivant Alternate Starter Kit

Boundless CFC 2.0

Boundless CFC 2.0 has a ceramic oven and is very stylishly petite. The superior design makes it discreet. It is lightweight and can fit in pockets and palms, yes you read it, PALMS. It is not very noticeable and is ideal for using it anywhere at any time. It is heat resistant and you can control the temperature to suit your needs. Whichever temperature you use, the aroma of the dry herb can be absorbed in every draw. It durable with an easy setup and rechargeable battery, what more does one want from a portable vape? If you are a vaping enthusiast, this is a device to have. Check it out at Boundless CFC 2.0 for only $97.99!


Wax and Oil Vaporizers

The wax vaporizers fit in the design of vape pens, but they do not oxidize liquid, instead, they melt the concentrated wax of cannabis. They have a metal reinforcement battery, a room with a heater to melt the wax, and a lip cover for easy breathing. While the oil vaporizer is basically a battery filled filler box that is attached to the vape.

Wax and Oil Vaporizers

Utillian 5 Pen

Utillian 5 Pen is a wax powerhouse in a compatible design. It is designed in a way that drives maximum efficiency, meaning less waste while providing you with a hassle-free experience. It is engineered to give you changeability between 2 coils. It uses less voltage to give you a pure flavor, but if you want maximum vapor you can increase the voltage and enjoy it! It has a USB port for easy charging which you will have to use only after 24 hours of puffing as the battery is powered at 1050 mAH. You can buy this vape for only $89.99 at Utillian 5 Pen.

Utillian-5 Pen

SMOK Micare Cartridge T1

The main feature of SMOK Micare Cartridge T1 is that it has a 0.25ohm cotton (cover) which blocks impurities and feels like a flowing golden river just like a shatter, while this step elevates purity, it also strains out any dank terpenes. It is made with the best quality of materials and has a solid body that is heat resistant. It has a glass tube and a ceramic mouthpiece and since it is made from exceptional first rated materials and sturdy design it is one of the most durable products in the market today and only costs $9.99! Can’t believe it? Check out the ultimate oil vaporizer here: SMOK Micare Cartridge T1.

Smok Micare Cartridge T1


After this, you should have a great understanding of vaporizers are and what to look for. Now, the choice is yours!

Vaporizers at IVape Plus


IVape Plus has a massive selection of vaporizers and their accessories. It’s important to purchase your device from a trustworthy and authentic source that provides just as much care after the purchase as before, and IVape Plus does this flawlessly.

A number of vaporizers are currently available on the best vape shop in Canada- IVape Plus: Trusted online vape store. Also, don’t miss free shipping for orders over $65!

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