Vaping Gets Miraculous With Liqutine E-Liquids

Liqutine e-liquid / e-juice

Are some still in a dilemma to choose to vape over smoking? To put an end to the misconception, it’s high time people realize the concept of burning tobacco to create smoke in smoking, not being used in vaping. The year 2003 has been an influential period for vaping as it started to gain momentum in view of its antibacterial properties. As a matter of fact, e-Liquid is a juice which, when heated, turns into vapor. It includes vegetable glycerine (VG), nicotine, propylene glycol (PG), and flavor concentrates. These ingredients are water-soluble and can be many alternatives to smoking when combined.

E-Cigarettes or devices of a similar kind produce vapors are particularly referred to as aerosol, which is inhaled and exhaled by a person in the act of vaping. The devices limiting their attributes to the production of vape do not produce tobacco smoke.

When it comes to e-juice, a reliable brand that never fails to amaze its users is necessary. Liqutine portrays such traits and has been on the popular list of e-liquids since its introduction. With its impressive 32 flavors meticulously included under seven categories, Liqutine strives to bring out the best experience in vaping for its customers. These favored categories include:


  1. Fruity:

 This particular category is loaded and gives tremendous scope to its customers to choose from. The fruity flavor is delectable and able enough to entice one’s taste buds.

Liqutine Fruit Explosion


2. Minty:

Vaping isn’t dormant in any season. Minty flavor brings in a cooling sensation to help all indulge themselves in every form of joy but restlessness. At times, one may call for an overpowering punch while the other while a subtle mintiness can be beneficial. This category delivers every expression with its soothing product.

Liqutine Mint x 2


3. Drink:

 Its products have a distinct taste and can absolutely knock one down with its flavors. Get satiated on every inhale; it’s the ultimate goal this category holds.

Liqutine Pineapple Lime Fresh


4. Candy:

 Go nowhere else. It is sweet and rewarding. The big vape clouds are bound to elaborate the sweetness this flavor has collected over time. With candy in one’s pocket, fragrant and bright happenings shall follow.

Liqutine Strawnana Choo


5. Baked and dessert:

 Don’t turn down a chance to go back to summer festivals. Richness is indulged in it and facilitates an everlasting way to create memories and revive the older ones.

Liqutine Strawberry Cheesecake


6. Tobacco:

 It is versatile as well as vintage. It’s a premium category of juice flavors. The tobacco base can be mild and understated while; an intense situation also brings out a stronger version of the same flavor.

Liqutine Ultimate Canadian Tobacco


7. Flavorless:

Don’t go wild on its name; it isn’t bland. As the tougher the test, the better the flavor.

Liqutine Flavourless


Furthermore, Liqutine e-juices are entirely produced in Canada and completed all standard tests by Health Canada.

Every e-juice sold under Liqutine are available in two kinds of nicotine strength:

  1. Freebase (0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg)
  2. Nic Salt (25 mg, 50 mg)

Customers can have a choice to go for any of the two volumes the e-juices are available in. In accordance with the nicotine strength, Freebase e-juices are in 60 ml and 30 ml cases, while Nic Salt e-juices are in 30 ml cases.

All Liqutine e-juices have been provided by iVape Plus through the website. iVape Plus is one of the best vape shops and online vape stores in Canada.

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