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An open pod system, also known as a refillable pod system, uses replacement pods that can be filled with any e-juice with different flavors and nicotine strengths. For more information about e-juices, please read E-juice Ingredients. Typically, open pod systems are ultra-compact, leak-resistant, spit back-free and lightweight, ideal for vapers on the go!

Open pod systems are available everywhere these days. New vapers always have a challenge with finding the best open pod systems. In this article, the best open pod systems will be also covered.

Before going further, you can learn about closed pod systems in order to realize differences properly.

Let’s begin with the history of pod systems. The Phix Pod system was designed by Major League Vapers, a company that has been involved with vaping in manufacturing and development since 2010. The created one of the first all in one closed pod systems. Designed with a 280mah rechargeable battery that can be charged via USB.

Differences among open pod systems

The difference among open pod systems are as follow:

  • Some don’t have an activation button. they activate as airflow comes in.
  • Others have a set temperature. Thus, the user can not change the wattage.
  • amount of liquids each pod can hold is different than others some hold 2.5ml up to 5.5ml of juice.
  • Some of the devices come with 2 pods in the original package, so the user can use each pod for freebase juice or nic salt which make it more user friendly to work with

The Best Open Pod Systems

In the recent decade, many manufacturers have made their endeavor to design and manufacture cutting-edge technology devices and starter kits to meet vapers’ needs and expectations. The best manufacturers in vaping devices and accessories are SMOK, Voopoo, Vaporesso, Aspire, Uwell, Geek Vape, Lost Vape, and Suorin. These manufacturers provide a wide range of starter kits in various designs and applications to whoever wants to experience a good feeling vape. Top 10 remarkable open pod systems from popular manufacturers introduce as follows:

  1. SMOK Novo 2

Most popular airflow activated open pod devices, smaller pods compare to other pod devices. Pre-set watt, no on and off button.

SMOK Novo 2


2. SMOK Nord

Bigger pod in comparison with Novo, pre-set watt and temperature, on and off button


Smok Nord Kit


3. Aspire AVP

Unique design, pocket size, exotic colors

Aspire AVP


4. SMOK Infinix 2

Slim, pen-style pod system device

SMOK Infinix 2


5. Lost Vape Orion Q AIO

Stylish square sharp edge device, bigger pod to carry more juice and keep you vaping all day with less need of refiling

Lost Vape Orion Q AIO



Top technology in the vaping industry



7. Vaporesso Aurora Play

Huge pod to carry lots of juice, flip flop cap style keeps all dirt away from your drip tip and reminds you old days zippo memories

Vaporesso Aurora Play


8. Voopoo Drag Nano

Talking about fashion and style, you should hold this in your hand and enjoy watching chic and classy device

Voopoo Drag Nano



9. Voopoo Vinci X

Giant 5.5 ML pod with lots of features device. The newest generation of Gene.AI Chipsets

Voopoo Vinci X


10. Uwell Caliburn

Should say the most popular open pod system device which has been introduced to the market

Uwell Caliburn



To sum up, although the best open pod systems were covered in this article, too many starter kits have been introduced which is impossible for us to test them all. Thus, if you’ve ever experienced any high-quality open pod systems and would like to share them with us, feel free to leave a comment below to let us know.

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